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Welcome to Sure Electronics—your ultimate gaming audio resource!

Our Mission

Our mission here at Sure Electronics is to educate gamers like you about the wonderful world of audio so that you can experience gaming sound at the highest possible level. We also provide resources like buying guides and gear reviews to help you see through marketing hype and make informed buying decisions with your gaming audio hardware.

How We Earn Money

We are a fully registered business. And we believe that our earnings are a direct reflection of how faithfully we serve our readers and community.

Our primary method of earning an income comes from the Amazon Associate program. If you click on one of the Amazon referral links we have on the site and go on to make a purchase on Amazon, we will receive a commission on the purchase.

Who Works Here?

This site is run by a small team.

Vic – Webmaster (with occasional contributions to our articles)

Favorite game: Chrono Trigger 🙂

Greggy – Writer / Reviewer

We’re both gamers and audiophiles. We realized there’s no comprehensive resource to assist gamers with understanding how gaming sound works, and we also saw a lot of misrepresentation and marketing hype. Audio gear can get expensive and making costly decisions based on opaque information puts gamers at risk of wasting money, getting poor gear, and experiencing sub-par gameplay. We’re doing our best to remedy the situation.

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