Are Beats Headphones Good For Gaming? (Solo 3 & Studio 3)

Beats headphones are a popular choice for general music listening and studio recording. They are high-quality headphones that deliver superior audio, regardless of the device you use or the setup you have.

Sadly, Beats are not optimized for gaming as they have significant issues regarding comfort, mic calibration, and sound customization. Some even believe that they’re overhyped and overpriced.

All of these features are critical for gamers. But there are many models of Beats headphones. Is one model better than the other for gaming?

Are Beats Solo 3 Headphones Good For Gaming?

Are Beats Solo 3 Headphones Good For Gaming

Beats Solo 3 are good for gaming, but not if you’re a serious gamer. For gaming, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless’s features and overall performance aren’t up-to-par with other similar headphones. It suffers regarding noise isolation and doesn’t fare well in loud environments.

Because of its design, it can be tight around the ears, which could cause fatigue and soreness when worn for an extended period. This is especially true among glasses wearers.

The Beats Solo 3 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that looks like its predecessor, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless. While there’s nothing astoundingly new about its design, the huge upgrade is found on the inside.

The Beats Solo 3 now users Apple’s W1, a custom Bluetooth chip that drastically improves the headphones’ battery life and makes pairing it with Apple devices fast and easy.

The Solo 3 are decently comfortable headphones with well-padded ear cups. Still, the clamping force may pose an issue for gamers, especially those prone to tension headaches.

Given the nature of its on-ear design, there’s a certain pressure placed on the ears isolating the user from their surroundings while keeping the headset in place.

Unfortunately, the Solo 3’s noise isolation performance is relatively poor. Despite their design and clamping force, they barely filter out external noise.

Especially bass-heavy sounds like bus or plane engines, which can be frustrating if you’re listening to music or playing mobile games while traveling.

These headphones also struggle with canceling out ambient chatter and loud noises that sit in the mid-range. On the other hand, the Solo 3 does a bit better with high-pitched sounds like the hum of a nearby AC unit.

The Solo 3’s leakage performance is, sadly, just as poor. Leakage is more significant in the treble range, and if you like playing your games at a high volume, those around you are likely to hear it.

Below is the overall amount of noise isolation in varying frequencies:

  • Bass: -0.16 dB (good value is <-15dB)
  • Mid: -7.97 dB (good value is <-15 dB)
  • Treble: -27.36 dB (good value is <-30 dB)
  • Overall Leakage at 1ft.: 43.4 dB (good value is 35 dB)

The Beats Solo 3 has a neutral sound profile in terms of sound performance. It’s bass-heavy, perfect for RPGs, open-world, and multi-player games. You can fully enjoy environmental sounds, sweeping scores, and orchestral background music.

However, the bass can be too high, resulting in muddy vocals and struggling to hear critical dialogues that can be pivotal moments in the game.

This is terrible news for competitive gamers because, in FPS games, awareness is vital. Thumping bass will only drown out essential audio cues like the sound of enemy footsteps, reloads, and other actions that could quickly get muffled if the bass is heavy.

The Beats companion app doesn’t help much either because it doesn’t allow you to personalize sound profiles to suit your needs and preferences better.

Unlike the Beats Solo Pro, the Solo 3 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack. Making it a versatile pair of headphones that’s compatible with your Apple device and with any smartphone with a 3.5mm audio port.

It also works well with PCs and gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

Are Beats Studio 3 Good For Gaming?

Are Beats Studio 3 Good For Gaming

Beats Studio 3 is primarily suitable for mobile gaming. The Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones sport an over-ear, closed-back design. They are best known for their exceptional noise-canceling capabilities.

This means you can focus on your game without being distracted by external noise. The downside is that they’re on the bulky side and cost more than similar headphones.

Beats Studio 3 can be a good option for its overall sound quality and exceptionally long battery life if you can stand this extra weight.

First off, the Studio 3 headphones are built as Apple-first headphones. Apple’s W1 chip is integrated into its system, thus making it easy to set up and connect with any iOS device.

While Android users can still use it, you can expect a few limitations regarding these headphones’ features.

The Studio 3 comes with a built-in mic, vital for gamers who often play games that require team communication.

While it’s mainly a wireless headset, you can also use it wired, thanks to the USB-A to micro-USB cable that comes with the package. This cable even has an in-line microphone, which is great news for Android users.

While these headphones’ noise cancellation capability doesn’t match up with the best gaming headsets on the market, it still does a pretty good job at blocking out most background noises. Even the deafening sounds of passing planes and trains.

As for sound performance, Beats Studio 3 has a more balanced approach but sadly doesn’t deliver the same thumpy bass as its predecessors. It has well-defined sound detail, with a definitive feel to its treble.

On the other hand, the bass response is quite average. However, the rest of the response is overemphasized, adding extra warmth and kick to in-game sounds and music. However, some users may find audio a bit muddled.

Below is the overall amount of noise isolation in varying frequencies:

  • Bass: -8.03 dB (good value is <-15dB)
  • Mid: -22.18 dB (good value is <-15 dB)
  • Treble: -36.18 dB (good value is <-30 dB)
  • Overall Leakage at 1ft.: 32.18 dB (good value is 35 dB)

The Beats Studio 3 is leaning more towards the lower mids, making mid-range frequency fall short from time to time. This emphasis in lower mids can leave background music, and sound effects weighed down and grainy.

Despite this, power is still there without the other ranges sounding muddy during hectic, explosive moments in your game. Fans of atmospheric, open-world games will not be disappointed here.

Needless to say, the Beats Studio 3 won’t win over any other audiophile headset as it doesn’t reach the level of fidelity other top-notch gaming headsets out there can. But for music enthusiasts, this is fine, as the Beats Studio 3 is built with music listening and recording in mind.

Are Beats Good For Streaming?

Beats headphones do reasonably well for streaming on platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube—but only to a certain degree. Most Beats headphones aren’t designed with streaming and gaming in mind.

While they have pretty well-balanced sound profiles, they often have lousy imaging. This means it’s challenging to pick out the accurate location of a particular in-game sound, like footsteps and reloads. What’s more, most Beats headphones don’t come with external mics.

While Solo series headphones are built with Apple’s W1 chip, other models have been reported to have issues connecting to iOS devices for audio and mic. Attempting to connect them via Bluetooth will also be a challenge.

If you’re looking to buy a headset for gaming and streaming, it’s better to go for a dedicated gaming headset instead of regular or studio headphones like Beats.

Gaming headsets have features and capabilities that are integrated explicitly for gaming. What’s more, they’re more comfortable to use for long hours of gaming and provide better sound quality that’s optimized for an immersive gaming experience.

Do Beats Have A Microphone?

Are Beats Good For Streaming

Beats headphones come in more than a couple of different variations, some of which have microphones built into them. That said, a built-in mic isn’t standard across all Beats models.

Your choice entirely depends on whether or not you’re planning to use it solely for listening to music or to interact with other gamers. With the latter, you’ll definitely need a mic.

It’s worth noting that there have been issues with the mics in Beats headphones over the years. Tweaking mic settings can be complicated—an experience that’s often reported across several different Beats models.

Are Beats Better Than Gaming Headsets?

Beats are not better than gaming headsets. Sure, they can be used for casual and mobile gaming but Beats headphones aren’t popular in the gaming community.

There are plenty of other gaming headsets to choose from built and designed exclusively for gaming. This means they’re well-thought-out and better engineered to accommodate your gaming needs.

It’s important to understand that Beats headphones are built for listening to music. And while they’re meant to be aesthetically pleasing, they’re less spec-driven than gaming headsets.

Gaming has a whole slew of requirements that Beats headphones can’t provide. So if you want something that will deliver superior quality sound, it’s best to go for a dedicated gaming headset.

Can Beats Be Used For Xbox Gaming?

Unfortunately, Beats headphones don’t work directly with Xbox consoles. It doesn’t support Bluetooth either. However, you can trick the system by using a USB adapter or a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to your Xbox controller.

With an adapter or audio cable, you can enjoy uninterrupted sound transmission while playing your favorite Xbox games using wired or wireless Beats headphones.

Can You Play Fortnite With Beats Headphones?

Are Beats Better Than Gaming Headsets

Whether on a PC or a gaming console, you can play Fortnite with your Beats headphones. But if you want seamless communication with your teammates, you need to pick a pair that comes with a mic, a feature not available in all Beats headphones.

Beats headphones can do the job just fine, but they don’t deliver the same experience as a dedicated gaming headset. They’re basically stereo headphones, which means there’s no support for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, a feature that’s essential for an immersive gaming experience.

The sound profile isn’t tuned for gaming either, so in the case of playing FPS games like Fortnite, you will notice that there’s no clear representation of where the sounds are coming from. This can be a significant setback when hearing subtle audio cues like enemy footsteps can mean life or death in-game.


The decision to purchase Beats headphones entirely depends on what you’re looking for in your gaming experience—not to mention your budget. Some will want to focus more on the aesthetic aspect, while others wish for a superb sound experience.

But if you really want to immerse yourself in the world you’re playing in, a pair of Beats headphones may not cut it.

For serious gamers, headphones designed exclusively for gaming are more likely to deliver better quality in terms of comfort and sound performance.

Besides, Beats headphones can be pretty expensive. The last thing you need is to burn your hard-earned money thinking it’s a gaming headset only to experience poor sound quality. Or worse, mic or compatibility issues.

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