Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back?

People purchase a gaming chair to maintain or improve lumbar and postural health. After all, sitting for long periods is a necessary consequence of gaming and work.

Gaming chairs are, in fact, good for your back, especially relative to regular office chairs. The best models will keep your spine in perfect alignment and free from pressure points that cause back and neck pain.

Nowadays, a gaming chair has become a vital part of gaming. They deliver comfort, improve your overall experience, and make playing games more enjoyable and stress-free. But what exactly are their health benefits?

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back?

Are Rocker Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back

The answer is simple: Yes, gaming chairs are good for your back, especially when compared with regular office or task chairs. Features like a high backrest and headrest provide optimum comfort and support for your back and neck while promoting good posture.

Proper body posture can only be achieved with an ergonomically designed chair when gaming. Ideally, a gaming chair should have lumbar support, allowing a 90-degree knee bend with your feet flat on the floor, while the armrests (if any) let your elbows sit at 90 degrees.

For your back, the chair’s backrest should be able to maintain the natural curve of your spine. Without proper lumbar support, your spine will lose its normal shape, which could cause tendon, ligament, and muscular strain in your back. The backrest should be reclined somewhere between 95 and 110 degrees to avoid this. 

Your posture should be the same for console and PC gamers, no matter the peripherals. It’s essential to maintain a neutral posture while seated, complete with lumbar support and armrests. You’ll be holding a controller on your lap for console gamers instead of resting your arms on a desk.

This posture allows your arms and shoulders to relax instead of being hunched over in front of the TV screen. This could cause back soreness in less than an hour, especially with the wrong type of gaming chair.

The same goes for protecting your neck from soreness or injuries. With an ergonomically designed chair and the correct gaming setup, you can prevent gamer neck and maximize comfort for long hours of strain-free gaming.

Are Rocker Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back?

How To Setup Your Gaming Chair To Relieve Back Pain

Rocker gaming chairs are good for your back as they have been proven and tested to relieve back pain. They are designed to support the spine while improving your sitting posture. Serious gamers and sedentary office workers can significantly benefit from rockers.

With its gentle back-and-forth motion, a rocker gaming chair can also help increase blood flow. It causes a chain reaction that can send oxygen from your upper torso down to your lower extremities. This can also help alleviate the symptoms of knee disorders like arthritis.

Apart from these, a rocker gaming chair can aid in building up strength and enhance knee mobility, which could combat pain and weakness in the lower torso. The rocking motion can also prevent nerve pain, especially in your joints. With the right gaming chair, you can play for hours without worrying about any pain or discomfort.

Are Floor Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back?

Sitting on a floor gaming chair comes with many benefits as it’s designed to keep your back straight. Further, it promotes muscle activity and improves flexibility even as you’re seated. It promotes proper posture as the chair is designed to adapt it as a habit, which improves over time.

With a floor gaming chair, you’ll learn to sit upright. And because it allows you to sit in the correct position, a floor gaming chair can prevent pain in the back, shoulders, arms, legs, and other body parts.

With a floor gaming chair, you’re not slouching, which improves blood flow in your body. This improved circulation energizes you, letting you feel more active and stronger to move with better flexibility, promoting better gaming performance.

What’s more, floor chairs are highly versatile to use anywhere. They’ll continue working as they should be it in your game room, bedroom, entertainment area, or office. And because they’re portable, you can easily adjust or fold a floor gaming chair, making them the perfect choice for those living in small spaces.

Are Gaming Chairs Better For Your Back Than Office Chairs?

Are Floor Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back

Gaming chairs and office chairs each have their own set of pros and cons. When choosing between the two, you need to consider several factors, such as your budget, the style and aesthetic you’re after, and how long you’re planning to spend in the chair.

However, gaming chairs generally provide better ergonomic support for longer gaming sessions. You need a gaming chair with a higher backrest, more adjustment options, lumbar support, and a comfortable seat cushion to avoid back pain.

But if budget isn’t a significant concern, you can also go for a premium office chair which can provide a better and more comfortable experience for a higher price tag. Cheaper models or those priced the same as your average gaming chair, however, won’t provide the same comfort level.

How To Setup Your Gaming Chair To Relieve Back Pain

Are Gaming Chairs Better For Your Back Than Office Chairs

While the gaming chair’s overall ergonomic design helps with back pain, there are some things you need to pay particular attention to when setting it up.

The backrest, for instance, can maintain the lumbar spine’s natural lordotic curve. Without it, the spine will lose shape and exasperate everything from back and neck pain to muscular strain. You should recline the back support somewhere between 95 to 110 degrees.

The backrest height should be between 30 to 33 inches to ensure the headrest or neck pillow fits under your spine when you lean back.

Apart from the backrest, a gaming chair should ideally have a lumbar pillow to support your lower back. Not all gaming chairs are created equal, though, so some would be better than others.

Ideally, your lower back should have an inward curve. However, prolonged sitting on the wrong gaming chair can easily strain the muscles holding your spine in its alignment, leading to slouching or leaning forward in your chair. Eventually, it could stress your spine to the point it causes back pain.

A lumbar pillow’s job is to take the burden off your lower back and the muscles. To avoid slouching while gaming, it should also fill the space between your lower back and the backrest.

According to a medical study, even the most basic back support can help maintain postural alignment, reducing stress on your back. The great thing about gaming chairs is that they often come with detachable lumbar pillows. If you don’t find it comfortable, you can simply remove it or replace it with a different type of cushion instead.


While a gaming chair can’t help you become a pro gamer, it can aid in improving your overall gaming performance by encouraging proper body posture, protecting your back, and lessening the chances of developing back and neck pain.

Compared to standard office chairs, you’ll quickly find that most gaming chairs in the market are more comfortable and ergonomically designed.

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