Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic (2022)

Any gamer knows that you need a good headset to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience. However, not everyone needs to chat, so you may not need a mic to complete your gaming setup. Below are our top picks for the best gaming headphones without a mic:

Best Gaming Headphones Without MicBeyerdynamic DT 770 PROCheck Price
Best Budget Gaming Headphones Without MicSteelSeries Arctis 7Check Price
Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Without MicRazer BlackShark V2 Pro WhiteCheck Price
Best White Gaming Headphones Without MicRazer BlackShark V2 Pro WhiteCheck Price

Gaming headphones are just about the same as consumer headphones, with the added convenience of built-in microphones. But are regular headphones just as workable for gaming? Read on so you can decide for yourself.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is an undisputed winner for wired gaming headsets. Even without an external mic, it delivers exceptional sound quality that’s clear, rich, and precise, allowing you to hear even the feeblest of sounds, like footsteps and distant gunfire.

This gaming headset combines high-quality plastic and metal frame with padded earcups with soft velour fabric making them highly comfortable for long hours of gameplay.

Meanwhile, the adjustable headband is a comfy fit for all head sizes, thanks to its rugged yet soft padded construction. Combined with its closed-back design, the DT 770 PRO effectively blocks out external noise so that you can focus on your game without distractions.

But what truly makes the DT 770 PRO a winner among gamers is its overall sound performance. It boasts an innovative bass reflex system that produces tremendous bass that can significantly assist you in assault games like CS:GO, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc.

The enhanced bass comes in handy in competitive gaming, as it allows you to tune in to vital audio cues like nearby gunshots, footsteps of an approaching enemy, or explosions.

The DT 770 PRO is packed with large 45mm audio drivers, 250 ohms of impedance, and a wide frequency response range that allows you to hear even the most subtle sounds in your game.

With it, you can immerse yourself in atmospheric open-world games like Final Fantasy XIV, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, and many more.

This wired gaming headset comes with a 3-meter single-sided cord that gives you freedom while gaming. With it, you can connect the cable to one side for convenience, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over or tangling in a load of wires.


  • Made with durable materials
  • Balanced sound profile that’s perfect for any type of game
  • Long, tangle-free cable


  • Sound is muddy when OHM is low

Best Budget Gaming Headphones Without Mic

OneDio Pro-10

Some of you might be hearing this brand name for the first time, but OneDio’s headphones are a popular choice among music enthusiasts and, yes, among gamers, too. Suppose you want advanced features that often come with high-end gaming headsets but are on a limited budget. In that case, the OneDio Pro-10 wired headset is worthy of your consideration.

These headphones are comfy to wear, with a simple yet modern design that doesn’t appear too bulky. It’s built with thick quality plastic, with a foldable design that makes it convenient to carry around. The headband is stretchable and can easily be adjusted according to your desired angle and fit.

Meanwhile, the soft-padded ear cups are fitted with faux leather, allowing you to wear them for long gaming sessions. What’s more, the earcups can be rotated left and right for single-ear monitor.

However, note that there have been reports that the earcups don’t fit some users, particularly those with bigger ears. Other than this, there are no other issues with its design.

The most impressive thing about the Pro-10 is that it can deliver superb audio, with a dynamic bass sound vital for gaming.

It comes packed with 50mm neodymium drivers that reproduce crisp and clear sounds, with controlled bass necessary for hearing subtle in-game sounds like footsteps and distant gunfire. Combined with the headphone’s noise-canceling features, the Pro-10 effectively cancels out a large amount of background noise.

Another impressive feature is its dual-duty cable that allows you to connect the headset to two devices simultaneously.

With its 3.5mm and 6.3mm adapters, the Pro-10 is highly compatible with most devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

The OneDio Pro-10 offers real value for money with good-quality materials and many features. It will undoubtedly impress any gamer for their price.


  • Sturdy, portable design
  • Balanced sound profile for gaming and music-listening
  • Dual-cable design


  • May not fit large ears

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Without Mic

HyperX Cloud MIX

Technically, the HyperX Cloud MIX is designed for wireless and wired connectivity, which is precisely what makes it a top choice in terms of versatility. It comes with a detachable cable so you can go wireless. Thanks to its long battery life, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of uninterrupted gaming on Bluetooth-ready platforms.

The Cloud MIX is built with a lightweight aluminum frame that’s shock-absorbent, so you can be sure the headset won’t break when you accidentally drop it. The headband and earcups are lined with soft, pliable faux leather and padded with dense memory foam, making it comfy to wear even during long gaming sessions.

The headset doesn’t fall flat in terms of audio performance, either. It’s Hi-Res Audio Certified with a frequency ranging from 10Hz to 40kHz, allowing you to hear even the most subtle details that get you truly immersed in your gaming experience.

And with its custom-designed 40mm dual drivers, the Cloud MIX effectively separates the bass from the highs and mids. Distortion is reduced, making in-game sounds clearer and more distinct.

With the included cable, you can connect the HyperX Cloud MIX with any device with 3.5mm ports to play your favorite games on your smartphone, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.


  • Built to last with high-quality, durable materials
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Sound quality is perfect for gaming, recording music, and watching movies.


  •  Bulky design

Best White Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Audio-Technica’s ATH series of high-end headsets sit easily in the budget, and the ATH-M50X is a sure winner among gaming enthusiasts who want a more immersive gaming experience. It’s available in four different colors, but nothing else holds a candle to the elegance that comes with the all-white version.

Despite its bulky appearance, it’s wonderfully lightweight. The 90-degree swiveling earcups allow for easy single-ear monitoring and are collapsible for space-saving portability.

The headband and earcups are padded with leatherette that delivers more durability and comfort. To top it off, the circumoral design perfectly contours around the ears, effectively isolating sound even in loud environments.

But like most consumer headphones without mics, it’s not officially marketed as a “gaming headset.” At 15-28kHz, the ATH-M50X has a narrower frequency response range than its big brothers.

However, this frequency range can deliver deep and accurate bass responses, which is precisely what you need for your games.

It has a well-balanced sound profile with crystal-clear trebles and a wide soundstage. You’ll pick up on subtle in-game details that you might otherwise miss, as well as directional audio that’s essential for RPG, FPS, and adventure games.

The ATH-M50X is wired and comes with three detachable cables (1.2 m – 3.0 m coiled cable, 3.0 m straight cable, and 1.2 m straight cable). Additionally, a 6.3mm adapter is included to connect to an audio interface or any high-grade device. It’s a great option for PC and console gamers.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Superb directional audio


  • It does not entirely cancel out noise

What To Look For With Gaming Headphones Without Mic


When it comes to gaming headsets, comfort is a detail that should never be overlooked, especially when you’ll be playing for hours on end. A good gaming headset lets you immerse yourself in your favorite games without stressing your ears, causing pressure headaches, and cramping your neck.

When shopping for a headset, consider its weight and the earcup sizes. Will you be comfortable wearing them for prolonged periods? Quality, breathable materials (mesh fabric, memory foam) and a strong nod to ergonomics also improve wearability. The best ones will feel like you’re not even wearing them.

Sound Quality

What exactly qualifies as “good sound quality”? Would you prefer heart-pounding heavy bass, or would you instead go for a more balanced sound experience?

You can get a headset that lets you customize sound profiles according to your taste, but that often comes at an extra price. When looking for the best sound from gaming headsets, consider these three factors: immersive audio, clarity and sensitivity, and spatial audio and positioning.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the ambient sounds of open-world games or trying to forget the outside world while competing against other players, a headset with enhanced low-end frequencies will do the trick.

Next comes clarity and sensitivity. You’ll want headphones that produce low background interference and low to no distortion, so the overall feeling of in-game sounds is accurate and more realistic.

This will give you a competitive edge over other players, allowing you to hear their footsteps first and draw first blood.

Spatial audio and positioning shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Your ability to pinpoint the direction of the sounds is vital in competitive shooters. Knowing how far enemies are and which direction are keys to winning the game. 

Of course, sound quality is subjective and depends on personal preference. It also depends on the types of games you play and how much you need to rely on audio cues during gameplay. Pick a gaming headset that will enhance your personal experience the most and give you an edge over the competition.


This entirely depends on your budget and the amount you’re willing to spend on a gaming headset. If you have limited funds and are looking for a headset, ask yourself which features are important to you and which ones you’re prepared to sacrifice.

Often the price is affected by the brand name, but not all products from reputable companies give value for money. Sometimes, you pay for the brand name itself. So, make sure to read customer reviews first and their return policies.

Take note that gaming headsets are designed for maximum comfort and durability, with plenty of features and accessories built into them. Meaning they’re generally more expensive than your standard headphones. The sleek and modern designs that make them a great addition to any gaming setup can also affect the price.


Can You Use A Headset Without A Mic For Gaming

It’s never wise to purchase several different headphones for all your other devices. Thankfully, most of today’s headsets are cross-compatible and have universal 3.5mm audio jacks. Most platforms like smartphones, PCs, Macs and gaming consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo support this.

Meanwhile, wireless gaming headsets usually come with a USB adapter or with Bluetooth technology, so you can easily connect it without a cable.

Make sure to check the model’s specs first and see if it will work with your preferred platforms and devices before spending any money.

Wireless Or Wired

Gaming headsets can be wired or wireless—sometimes even both. Wireless models give you freedom of movement within their range. Still, you’ll need to charge them regularly to ensure you won’t get interrupted in the middle of a game.

They’re generally more expensive than their wired counterparts, too, since they come with added technologies like a USB dongle or Bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, wired gaming headsets come with a cable or two that could get in your way, but newer models now come with high-quality, tangle-free cables. What’s more, you don’t have to charge them.

Noise Cancellation

There are different types of headsets with noise cancellation technology: True, passive, and active.

Headsets with true noise cancellation technology will completely cancel out ambient and external noises. They come with an additional power source, which increases the headset’s overall cost.

Meanwhile, active noise cancellation has a unique technology that works to block out external noises so that you won’t have any noise from the background.

On the other hand, passive noise cancellation comes with natural sonic isolation. Meaning the headset is designed with thick earpads that seal your ears from external noise. But with passive noise cancellation, you’ll still be aware of background sounds. Basically, these two differences lie in how much noise they can filter.

Open Or Closed Back

The shape of the earcups is also an essential factor to consider for most audiophile users. Gaming headsets with an open-back style are specifically designed to deliver a natural soundstage.

These types of headsets have more breathable earcups. But because of this, they can’t provide a tight, enclosed feeling. Meanwhile, closed-back headsets have tighter, more enclosed earcups but won’t provide much airflow to your ears.

At this point, it’s just as important to have a breathable lining on the earpads. If you want a more expansive, airy soundstage with the most natural tones, you can’t go wrong with open-backs.

However, you need to consider the environment in which you’ll be using them since most headsets with open-back designs don’t work well in noisy areas.

Most gaming headsets go for a closed-back design because they deliver impressive noise isolation that blocks external noise. This is important if you want a more immersive gaming experience. A closed-back headset can provide more intimate sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Headset Without A Mic For Gaming?

Absolutely. Just because a headphone doesn’t have a mic doesn’t mean you can’t use it for gaming. The headphones we’ve mentioned above can output gaming sound just as they’re meant to be, even without a mic.

Besides, suppose you need to communicate with your gaming buddies or use it for personal or business calls. In that case, you can always opt to invest in a separate external mic, which you can easily connect to your PC or laptop. Better yet, use your phone’s mic to transmit your voice.

Which Are Better Headphones With or Without A Mic?

The thing with headphones with a built-in mic is that they have the advantage of coming in handy when you’re streaming or communicating with your teammates in a game or when receiving calls. However, if you’re the type who values sound quality more than communication, then you can get away with headphones without a mic. It’s personal preference that matters.

Do Gaming Headphones Have A Good Mic?

The odd thing is that many gaming headphone manufacturers still couldn’t nail the microphone. So it’s hard to find genuinely excellent sound gear with a quality built-in mic. There are several brands out there that come with exceptional microphones, but they often come at a steep price.

When shopping for gaming headphones with a good mic, keep in mind the mic type you need. Most mics in gaming headsets are meant to pick up a single audio source (the user) from about a couple of inches away. This makes sense because picking up background noise can negatively impact voice or recording quality.

Some gaming headsets come with bi-directional or omnidirectional mics. The latter probably isn’t ideal if you’re merely looking for something to wear while listening to music. If you’re still having issues with the mic, there are ways to boost mic audio, depending on the platform or device you’re using.

Which Is Better Headset Or Headphones?

Technically, a headset comes built with an external mic used for making calls. Meanwhile, a headphone has an integrated mic that may not be attached or visible. It is used primarily for listening to music.

In terms of gaming, a headphone can still provide sound output and you can purchase a mic separately. Admittedly, headphones have much better sound performance than a headset. You can buy a mic only when you need to communicate with other players if you’re playing with a team.

On the other hand, if you want the ease of having all the requirements and features in a single setup, then a gaming headset is for you.

Can I Use Regular Headphones For Gaming?

Yes, you can use regular headphones for gaming. Regular headphones offer several features that you’ll also see in gaming headsets. However, this doesn’t necessarily make them better for gaming. Gaming headsets are built and designed specifically for gaming, so they have more advanced features geared towards gamers.


While the gaming headphones we’ve mentioned above aren’t your only options when shopping for headphones without a mic, they’re proven to be the bestsellers. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO comes out as the overall best that provides good value for your money.

Of course, we know it’s never easy to choose a headphone without a mic. Hence, you need to consider several factors like pricing, comfort, sound quality, connectivity, compatibility, etc. We’ve made your search a lot easier with the help of our comprehensive guide.

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