Best Noise Canceling Gaming Headsets (2022)

Finding a gaming headset with true noise-canceling capabilities is no simple task, especially when this feature alone can add a few bucks to its overall price. There are many things to consider when choosing a great gaming headset. If noise cancellation is on top of your priority list, here are the best options you can find in the market today:

Best Noise Canceling Gaming HeadsetsBose QuietComfort 35 IICheck Price
Best Wireless Noise-Canceling Gaming HeadsetAstro Gaming A50Check Price
Best Budget Noise Canceling Gaming HeadsetRazer Opus XCheck Price

Before buying your next noise-canceling gaming headset, there are some things to ponder. This comprehensive buying guide should help you make the most informed decision possible on your next purchase.

Best Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose is known as the trailblazer and leading developer of active noise cancellation. So it’s only natural they’ve blessed us with the best noise-canceling gaming headset in the form of the QuietComfort 32 II.

First of all, the QuietComfort 35 II supports both wired and wireless connectivity, making it an incredibly versatile and universally compatible headset. It works with almost any device or platform, whether playing at home or listening to music on the go.

This headset is also a winner in terms of build and comfort. It’s sturdy yet incredibly lightweight, just as you’d expect from a Bose headset. Meanwhile, the padded earcups and headband contour the ears and head tightly without the uncomfortable levels of pressure.

Combined with the softness of the earpads, this headset provides a tight seal that filters out external noise. The earcups are also designed to remain comfortable for hours of long gaming sessions, which is one of the main selling points of this headset.

The QuietComfort 35 II easily stands tall among its competitors in terms of sound performance. Instead of the usual noise-canceling capability, this gaming headset has three levels of noise cancellation: High, low, and zero noise cancellation.

One of the QuietComfort 35 II’s significant upgrades from its predecessors is that it comes with a detachable bidirectional boom mic. It is designed with an in-line mute switch and a 3.5mm input jack vital for team chat during gameplay. Additionally, the mic’s noise-rejective capability does a decent job isolating the user’s voice from any background noise.

Adding up to its suite of excellent features is that the headset comes with a USB-powered PC desktop controller, specifically engineered for gamers.

It’s a small yet welcome addition that allows users to control the volume and cycle through four different levels of mic monitoring, all without having to minimize your gaming window.

If that’s not enough, the headset is compatible with the Bose Connect app, which allows you to customize sound settings according to your personal preference.

It even has built-in support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Of course, these come at a steep price, but the Bose QuietComfort 35 II brings both versatility and value to the table.


  • Class-leading noise cancellation
  • Works in wired and wireless mode
  • In-line controls for quick and easy access to volume and mic mute, with support for voice assistants


  • Battery for the wireless connection is not replaceable.

Best Wireless Noise-Canceling Gaming Headset

Astro Gaming A50

The Astro Gaming A50 is an icon among gaming headsets. For many years, it’s been a mainstay in the market, popular among PC and console gamers alike.

Technically, the Astro Gaming A50 doesn’t have active noise cancellation. Still, with the A50 Wireless Mod Kit, it can have the best sound isolation capabilities you’ll ever find in a wireless gaming headset.

Once installed, this companion mod kit lets you fully immerse into your games without having to sacrifice sound performance in the process.

Speaking of performance, this gaming headset has excellent sound quality that’s fine-tuned to provide a balanced audio experience, with clear highs, full mids, and enhanced bass. It also works with the Astro Command Center companion software, giving the user complete control over presets, sound profiles, and filters.

The Astro Gaming A50 comes packed with a unidirectional mic that delivers decent quality audio and can be flipped up to mute. But beyond this, there’s nothing extraordinary about its mic.

Meanwhile, the headset has a base station where you can recharge the headset when not in use. This base station also works as a receiver for the headset, seamlessly connecting it to your PC or gaming console via USB.

Other notable features include a soundcard, optical pass-through switch, a USB charging port, and a 3.5mm AUX-in/Mic out Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve (TRRS) connection.

The combined cost of its premium build, noise-canceling features, and sound quality doesn’t make the Astro Gaming A50 cheap. However, this headset has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice among gamers who prefer a wireless experience.


  • Mod kit for the best possible noise isolation
  • Balance sound profile fine-tuned for any type of game
  • Companion software for easy sound customization


  • Underwhelming microphone quality

Best Budget Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset

Razer Opus X

The Opus X is Razer’s more budget-friendly wireless option geared towards mobile gaming platforms. It’s nearly similar to the more expensive Razer Opus, except it doesn’t have a wired mode, surround sound support or other advanced features.

The Opus X may be stripped down to the bare essentials. Still, it can stand on its own merits, remaining the most in-demand budget gaming headset. It has noise-canceling capabilities that detect and nullify unwanted external noise.

It has a sturdy yet lightweight and comfy build with a long battery life of up to 40 hours—unprecedented even among high-end wireless headsets.

Despite the lack of spatial surround sound, the Opus X has crisp and clear audio even with its default settings. If you still find it lacking in some ways, download the Razer companion app so you can tweak sound settings to match your taste.

The headset is built with custom-tuned 40mm sound drivers that provide a rich audio experience, clear highs and mids, and deep, punchy bass. Perfect for competitive shooters and multiplayer games. The built-in microphones deliver clear vocals, so you’ll always hear everyone in your team with perfect clarity.

Perhaps the major drawback to this headset is its controls. It has only a few physical buttons, but it was way too many functions (at least ten different functions in all!). These multi-function buttons are dependent on the number of presses you make.

Alternatively, you can also tweak it based on how long you hold the buttons and in what situation they were pressed or held down. These can get pretty confusing quickly, so it’s best to keep that manual ready for reference.

The Razer Opus X is exclusively wireless, with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that seamlessly connects to your smartphone or PC.

The lack of an audio jack means there’s no support for gaming consoles. However, there are alternative ways to make the headset compatible with your PlayStation or Xbox, like downloading a console-specific app that allows remote play.


  • Connect with Razer app for easy sound customization
  • Excellent sound profile
  • Extra-long battery life


  • Confusing multi-function buttons.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headsets Worth Mentioning

Victrix Pro AF

The Victrix Pro AF remains undisputed among noise-canceling gaming headsets when it comes to comfort. Despite its robust design, it’s incredibly sturdy yet lightweight, with a build that’s made to endure long hours of gaming.

The Victrix Pro AF sports a stainless-steel headband with high-grade aluminum yokes you’d usually only see in aviation headsets. At 4.85 lbs., it’s one of the lightest headsets yet remains one of the most durable.

The earcups are fitted with polyurethane material, with a cooling mechanism that prevents sweat buildup. Meanwhile, the ventilation system allows users to open up mechanical levels to release heat and pressure, so you won’t have to take it off with extended wear.

This gaming headset has a hybrid active noise cancellation capability. It has four dedicated mics that actively listen to the user’s surrounding environment and cancel up to 70% of the background noise with its algorithms. This, in turn, helps it’s custom 50mm drivers deliver precision audio that’s finely tuned for eSports athletes and their specific needs in tournaments.

The Victrix Pro AF has in-line controls that allow presets, multiple EQ settings for customizations, and mic gain levels. The boom mic delivers crisp and clear voice quality even in the loudest environments.

The headset comes built with a micro-USB port, but don’t get your hopes up because it’s strictly for updating its firmware alone, nothing more.

However, it’s universally compatible with most devices and consoles, all thanks to its 3.5mm audio jack. You can easily connect it to your smartphone, PC, laptop, PS4 or PS5, or Xbox Series X|S.

JBL Quantum ONE

JBL’s Quantum ONE noise-canceling headset is tailor-made for competitive gamers. It comes with true active noise cancellation that blocks background noise, with reasonably well-built and cushy earcups that are fitted with memory foam and soft leather material.

Ensuring you remain distraction-free and comfortable for long marathon sessions. As a welcome addition, the headset also has integrated RGB lighting effects on the earcups, giving it a modern and trendy look.

Meanwhile, its detachable boom mic has echo-canceling features that eliminate feedback loops. Beyond this, however, it’s the typical bidirectional mic you’d expect from a high-end gaming headset.

The Quantum ONE is built with JBL’s proprietary Quantum SPHERE 360 Technology in terms of sound quality. A one-of-a-kind head-tracking sensor that delivers pinpoint accuracy of in-game directional sounds.

This is why it’s perfect for fans of FPS games and MOBA battles, where tracking enemy footsteps and gunfire are vital for survival. It’s exclusively wired, with a 3.5mm cable letting you connect the headset to your mobile device, PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or any other platform with a USB connection.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Turtle Beach is a household name among gamers, and it’s Stealth 700 is a popular choice among console gamers. It’s a wireless gaming headset that you can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enable device or console. However, there’s a separate version for Xbox One users.

One of this headset’s main selling points is that it supports the DTS:X Surround Sound technology. Users can easily detect sound coming from any direction, giving you a competitive edge when playing FPS games.

As with any Turtle Beach gaming headset, the Stealth 700 is built with the Superhuman Hearing technology, allowing gamers to hear even the most subtle audio cues in-game. It’s a truly unique feature that perfectly complements the headset’s active noise cancellation capabilities.

If that’s not enough, the Stealth 700 is built with Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs design. A combination of synthetic leather-wrapped headband and padded earcups specifically tailored to provide maximum fit and comfort for gamers wearing glasses.

Adding to its suite of Turtle Beach exclusive features, it works with the company’s Audio Hub companion app, where users can access presets and tweak sound profiles according to their personal preferences.

As excellent as it may seem, the Stealth 700 isn’t perfect. It only has a 10-hour battery life, which is far more short-lived than your average noise-canceling headset.

It only supports the SBC codec, so that the overall sound performance may be an issue for some users. Thankfully, you can still make amendments using the Audio Hub app.

How To Pick The Best Noise Cancelling Gaming Headsets

Best Budget Noise Canceling Gaming Headsets

Noise Cancellation

Since you’re shopping for a noise-canceling gaming headset, it’s only natural to look into this feature first above anything else.

Noise cancellation in gaming headsets comes in two types:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This type of technology prevents background noise from seeping into your ears. Headsets with ANC are built to actively create soundwaves to cancel out incoming sounds.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC). This technology relies on soundproofing or other physical barriers like covering your ears with your fingers. Most gaming headsets use this simple yet highly efficient technology.

The introduction of ANC has been a game-changer for gaming. Still, headsets that come with this feature usually come with a price, although their effects on gaming remain unparalleled.

Pro gamers and streamers usually go for ANC headsets because this allows them to filter out noise in loud environments. Thus, allowing them to focus on nothing but in-game sounds and the voice of their teammates.

So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the game, a headset with active noise-canceling features is the way to go. 


One of the most important factors to consider in gaming headsets is how they’ll fit and feel on your head.

Of course, gamers are used to playing for long periods. So a lousy fit will not only be physically straining, but it can also cause unnecessary pressure and heat on your ears and head. Discomfort can disrupt your focus which could force you to stop playing.

The first hour may seem fine, but trapped heat, sweat buildup, and friction can cause fatigue over time. After a couple of hours or so, even the most minor discomfort can feel awful, and a little extra weight in the wrong spot can lead to a sore neck.

Tension and pressure in the headband may also cause sore ears or, worse, full-on headaches. Remember that heads and ears come in all shapes and sizes, and so do gaming headsets.

Find one that comes with adjustable headbands or different-sized earcups fitted with memory foam and lined with a breathable material like cotton or mesh fabric.

Gamers wearing glasses should also ensure the headset’s earcups or overall design can make using it hassle-free and comfortable. If you’re unable to find one, at least go for a size larger than you think you’ll need will leave plenty of room for glasses.

Sound Quality

This is tricky but one of the most important things to look into when choosing a noise-canceling headset. Ultimately, however, the sound quality is up to the user.

The more accurate the sounds, the clearer voice commands, and in-game sounds will be. Generally, headsets with crisp and realistic audio and a wide soundstage enhance the user’s gaming performance through little things like hearing the footsteps of nearby opponents.

Sound profiles with deep and heavy bass deliver convincing booming sounds like gunfire and explosions without muddying the mids. Neutral mids and gentler highs are recommended for atmospheric, open-world games fans.

Sound quality also depends on the type of game you’re playing. FPS games require crisp audio to clearly detect footsteps, while MOBA games require neutral sound since they rely heavily on in-game cues.


You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on a gaming headset, only to realize it doesn’t work with your preferred device or gaming console. That said, compatibility isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Different headsets offer various connectivity options, the most common of which are 3.5mm, USB Type A, USB Type C, and wireless.

The same goes for specific devices and platforms and their capability to run specific commands. Some headset-specific features, like surround sound technology and Bluetooth, are lost in some cases since particular devices don’t support them.

To check a headset’s compatibility, look for the product description or check the store for more details.


Gaming headsets usually come with a microphone, which could be unidirectional, bidirectional, or omnidirectional. The main difference with these is how the microphone picks up sounds.

When choosing a headset, see if you prefer a built-in mic or one that’s detachable or retractable. Other things to look for include:

  • Noise-canceling properties for enhanced voice clarity and minimal sound leakage
  • Convenient voice controls and mute function
  • Boom mic for better voice communication

Wireless Or Wired

Wireless headsets, whether for gaming or regular use, are typically more expensive than wired headsets. But that’s also because they come with unique features and technologies that up to the cost.

Some wireless headsets even support multi-device connections, which can be great for gaming and work.

Wired gaming headsets are a popular choice among gamers because not only are they packed with features at a relatively affordable price, they don’t need to be recharged either.

Whatever your choice, it’s essential to determine what devices you’re planning to use the headset with. Most wired headsets come with a 3.5mm jack or a USB cable, making them an incredibly versatile choice that you can connect to almost any device.

Wireless headsets, on the other hand, can be a bit complicated. However, they can use many different connections like WiFi, Bluetooth, and other device-specific technologies.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset Frequently Asked Questions

Best Wireless Noise Canceling Gaming Headset

Do Gaming Headsets Cancel Background Noise?

Gaming headsets cancel background noise, although not all gaming headsets are designed with noise-canceling capabilities. This technology is specifically designed to provide better sound quality and immersion.

It’s important to note that noise-canceling lies in a headset’s built-in mic. A bidirectional mic design is the only type considered truly noise canceling.

It doesn’t actively cancel out noise per se but instead rejects noise from certain locations based on the mic’s type of pickup pattern. In this case, a bidirectional mic picks up from the front in a tight pattern while filtering out noise from either side.

The problem with most gaming headsets is that mic quality is often overlooked. Suppose this is an important factor for you. In that case, it’s best to pick a headset with active noise cancellation or a bidirectional mic.

Is Razor Kraken Noise Cancelling?

Yes. Razer’s Kraken line of headsets cancel out most of the noise to a considerable degree, but this depends on the make and model. Most Kraken headsets are built with padded earcups and a closed-back design that effectively blocks noise.

They also come with microphones designed to pick up background noise and then filter them out so you can hear only your voice.

Suppose you’re specifically looking for active noise cancellation. In that case, however, it’s probably better to look for alternatives, although headsets with proper noise cancellation can be way more expensive than a Kraken headset.

Does Arctis 5 Have Noise Cancellation?

The Arctis 5 gaming headset has an exclusive bidirectional mic design that completely cancels background noise while delivering unmatched voice clarity suitable for distraction-free gameplay and team communication.

With the SteelSeries ClearCast technology integrated into the mic, the Arctis 5 can make active noise cancellation.

Without this, the headset will have to rely on its padded earcups to block out noise (though this won’t be enough to isolate external noise, especially in loud environments completely).

Is SteelSeries Noise Cancelling?

Yes. The SteelSeries brand is well-known for its award-winning, top-of-the-line microphones in gaming headsets.

These mics are integrated with the Arctis ClearCast technology, allowing them to deliver excellent voice clarity and background noise cancellation. In short, only those with the ClearCast mic have active noise canceling capabilities.

Arctis ClearCast mics don’t rely on software to enhance their noise-canceling capabilities. But by downloading the SteelSeries Engine companion software, you can tweak EQ settings, customize sound profiles, and set mic settings to enhance acoustic noise isolation further.

Tweaking these settings from the SteelSeries Engine allows you to reduce steady background noise (i.e., the sound of a motor or fan in your gaming rig) that gets picked up by the mic.


It comes as no surprise that the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the most recommended gaming headset in terms of build and comfort, sound performance, and value for money. Most importantly, it’s the best in terms of active noise cancellation.

Remember to check each of the headsets we’ve recommended above and take your time to think about their features and specifications and how they will affect your gaming experience. Some users may benefit from certain features more than others.

Regardless of your choice, make sure to keep this guide in mind. You’ll surely end up with something that best suits your budget and preferences.

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