Best White Gaming Headsets (2022)

A white gaming headset is always a classic choice that goes well with any color scheme and type of workspace. But while the elegant look can be enough to make heads turn, you’ll need much more than aesthetics to elevate your gaming experience. Below are some of the best white gaming headsets that perfectly strike a balance between style and performance:

Best White Gaming HeadsetCorsair Virtuoso RGB WirelessCheck Price
Best White Gaming Headset With MicSteelSeries Arctis 7Check Price
Best Wireless Gaming HeadsetRazer BlackShark V2 Pro WhiteCheck Price

We have a fine mix of wired and wireless gaming headsets from reputable brands like SteelSeries, Corsair, Razer, and Logitech. Without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to the best white gaming headsets this 2022.

Best White Gaming Headset

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless

The Virtuoso RGB Wireless is one of Corsair’s most advanced gaming headsets, packed with all the features any gamer might need. The all-white design looks sleek and elegant. It is further accented with a customizable RGB Corsair logo that provides the right flair to its overall clean look.

Made with high-grade aluminum, the Virtuous RGB Wireless is lightweight and durable. It has a machined aluminum frame and an adjustable headband to fit any head size and shape.

The headband, along with the circular earcups, is fitted with memory foam, so it’s very comfy to wear during long hours of gaming sessions. Even though it’s not entirely noise-canceling, the tight fit blocks most external noise.

The Virtuoso RGB Wireless comes with an omnidirectional detachable mic and a built-in LED mute indicator that will let you know if your team can hear you. This broadcast-grade, the high-bandwidth mic provides superb dynamic range and vocal clarity that deliver natural, realistic sounds.

This headset’s overall sound performance won’t disappoint, either. Built with fine-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless provides excellent 7.1 surround sound that takes your immersive gaming experience up a notch.

Combined with Corsair’s iCUE companion software, you’ll be able to customize the RGB lighting effects and personalize the sound profile according to your preference using the equalizer.

Although this gaming headset doesn’t support Bluetooth technology, this gaming headset supports wireless connections. On the upside, it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and USB connection, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone, PC, or gaming console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch).

All things considered, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is your best high-end gaming option when it comes to versatility. It checks all the boxes, from comfort and durability to sound quality and connectivity. 


  • Beautiful, top-grade build and design
  • Award-winning sound quality
  • Clear microphone


  • No Bluetooth connection

Best White Gaming Headset With Mic

SteelSeries Arctis 7

SteelSeries continues to bless the gaming world with finely crafted gaming peripherals. The Arctis 7, for example, continues to dominate the market for its overall exceptional sound performance, comfort, design, functionality, and versatility.

The Arctis 7 comes in black and white variations, offering a distinctive yet minimalist design that complements your gaming space. It has a compact and elegant design, with SteelSeries’s trademark ski-goggle headband that provides a flexible fit.

The padding is made with premium elastic fiber that perfectly contours across your entire head, effectively distributing the weight and eliminating pressure points.

When it comes to recording quality and voice clarity, there’s nothing quite like the Arctis 7’s retractable ClearCast microphone. It’s arguably the best mic among gaming peripherals, as it offers crisp and clear communication that effectively blocks external noise, thanks to its noise-canceling features.

And with the seamlessly integrated chat mix dial, users can easily balance the audio of in-game sounds and audio chat separately. So, suppose you often use Skype or Discord for team chat. In that case, this feature comes in handy, providing the best communication while you’re on the battlefield.

As if these aren’t enough, the Arctis 7 supports 7.1 surround sound so you can enjoy crisp, clear, and well-defined audio in your games. It doesn’t have an overpowering bass, and positional audio awareness is one of its winning features.

With this, the headset is perfect for playing open-world games and RPG where you can hear ambient sounds as accurately and realistically as possible. And since it’s fully compatible with the SteelSeries 3 Engine software, you can tweak the sound settings according to your preference.

Since it’s wireless, the Arctis 7 gives you complete freedom from wires as it’s capable of transmitting signals from up to 30 feet.

It comes with a reliable 2.4Ghz connection that lets you play games on your PlayStation or Xbox. To top it off, it has an incredible battery backup that enables you to play nonstop for up to 24 hours on a single run.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Top-quality sound performance
  • Long battery life


  • Less powerful bass

Best Wireless White Gaming Headset

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro White

Razer is a brand that doesn’t need a further introduction to high-end gaming headsets. The BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless is an incredibly sleek and stylish white version with flashy black trimmings. It feels as good as it looks too, and performs like you’d expect a premium gaming headset would.

The white version is fitted with black memory foam for the earcups and headband. Besides providing long-lasting comfort, it also helps prevent dirt and oils from visibly building up and makes the headset look worn down.

At 320 grams, this headset is incredibly lightweight, so even with the padding, it’s still cushy without pulling the weight unevenly in some areas.

The BlackShark V2 Pro comes packed with a detachable mic suitable for casual listening. However, it accomplishes a pretty good job filtering external noise and picking up your voice. But if you’re planning to use it for professional recording, take note that the sound may seem distant and nasal when you play it back.

Additionally, the headset comes with in-line controls on the left side, along with a charging port and audio jacks. You can set the volume with a dial that feels more precise than the up-down buttons you get in some gaming headsets. These can be found on one side, which is more accessible and intuitive.

Unlike most other Razer headsets that lean into heavy bass, the BlackShark V2 Pro comes built with Triforce audio drivers, with dedicated zones for configuring bass, treble, and mids.

This results in a more precise bass that doesn’t hit as hard as other gaming headphones. This can be a drawback for some, especially if you like to have a more bassy feel in your music or the explosions in your game.

Then again, the more dialed-in bass has allowed the BlackShark V2 Pro to focus on the trebles and mids, which are essential for dialogues, ambient noise, and squad communications.

The BlackShark V2 Pro is a wireless headset with two connection modes. You can enjoy low-latency wireless gaming with the Razer HyperSpeed Wireless. Or you can opt to play your favorite games in wired mode, thanks to the removable 3.5mm jack that comes included in the package.

The BlackShark V2 Pro is compatible with most devices, including PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The headset has an impressive 24-hour battery life for wireless gaming that will last you hours of uninterrupted, worry-free gameplay. But since it has a wired option, you can charge it, so you’ll never have an issue with the battery life.

The BlackShark V2 Pro definitely belongs to the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Still, given its overall quality and performance, it’s well worth your hard-earned money.


  • Comfortable padding and lightweight frame
  • Precise audio through trebles and mids
  • Wireless and wired options


  • Higher price tag compared to most Razer headsets

Best White Gaming Headset For Xbox

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 Gen 2 is vastly improved from the older Stealth 600 model, with added features and a redesigned flip-to-mute mic. While it’s more readily available in black, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 also comes in a sleek and elegant white design, with black trims on the headband and earcups.

The Stealth 600 Gen 2 has a robust construction, with a reinforced headband and hinge design for added durability and comfort for long-term usage. Meanwhile, the earcups are fitted to be glasses-friendly, all thanks to Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs technology.

A comfort-driven design that eliminates pressure on the glasses while you play. But because it’s made with mesh fabric, it doesn’t isolate as well as something like leatherette (though it manages heat well which prevents sweat buildup with extended wear).

The sound quality has also improved, with its expertly tuned 50mm drivers delivering accurate, immersive audio. The headset is equipped with a larger, more sensitive Gen 2 retractable mic with enhanced voice clarity and seamlessly integrates into the headset when muted.

The audio quality has been improved slightly. Like the Stealth 700, it’s equipped with a larger high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mic that seamlessly integrates into the headset when retracted (muted).

The headset is also optimized to support surround sound with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone X (although this requires additional app downloads and supported hardware). Making it ready for a completely immersive Xbox gaming experience.

With Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, you can tweak the sound to hear subtle, game-changing sounds and cues in your game, giving you an edge in competitive games and FPS.

An audio preset button is found on the left earcup, which allows you to customize audio according to your taste.

The Stealth 600 Gen 2 is built with the Xbox Wireless technology, so you can easily connect it to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console. It has an impressive 15-hour battery life, so you can play long hours of gaming sessions between charges using the included USB-C charging cable.  


  • Sturdy build, with comfy and glasses-friendly design
  • Flip-to-mute mic with enhanced voice clarity
  • Well-balanced sound profile with surround sound support for a more realistic gaming experience


  • Poor noise isolation

Best White Gaming Headset For PS5

Corsair VOID RGB Elite

Corsair’s VOID RGB Elite is one for gamers looking for a mix of comfort and performance. It boasts a sharp, futuristic design that looks even more awesome with RGB lighting effects.

It has a slightly bulky design. Along with the headband, it’s lined with a breathable microfiber mesh fabric and plush memory foam that provide maximum comfort for long hours of strain-free gameplay, no matter your head size and shape.

In terms of mic quality, the VOID RGB Elite comes built with an omnidirectional mic that delivers crisp and clear voice and recording quality. It also has a flip-up mute function with a LED mute indicator.

The RGB lighting is another scene-stealer, and you can even personalize it according to your preference. The headset is compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software, so you can easily tweak configurations however you please.

The VOID RGB Elite retains Corsair’s build quality and sound performance with its 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers. You can hear everything from the lightest footstep to the most thundering explosion.

This gaming headset gives you complete freedom from pesky wires and cables that often get tangled, thanks to its wireless connection. With the USB adapter included in the package, you can connect wirelessly to your PC, PS4, or PS5 within a 40-feet range.

It has an all-day battery life of 16 hours. The Corsair VOID RGB Elite is what happens when you perfectly combine form with function. With it, you’ll get the best performance, no matter if you’re playing on the PC or your PlayStation console.


  • Durable metal construction with comfy earpads
  • 50mm audio drivers gives an immersive gaming experience
  • Low-latency wireless connection on PC and PS4/PS5


  • Mic is non-detachable

White Gaming Headsets Worth Mentioning

Alienware 7.1 PC Gaming Headset AW510H-Light

If you’re fond of over-ear types of headphones, then you might want to consider getting the Alienware 7.1 AW510H-Light. It has an elegant, minimalist design, with custom-tuned 50mm sound drivers for that high-resolution audio experience you’ve always wanted.

The cushioned headband provides just enough clamp force to ensure there’s no slippage during gameplay. Meanwhile, the earcups are padded with a hybrid of plush memory foam, sports fabric, and leatherette—a combination that’s designed to achieve optimum cooling and comfort while enhancing noise isolation.

Best of all, it comes with a detachable USB connection, which means the headset is cross-platform compatible via a swappable 3.5mm audio jack that you can connect to any device such as smartphones, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. 

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech is always in the race for the best gaming headset in the market. With the G933 Artemis Spectrum, you’ll get a lot of power and advanced features at a reasonable price.

The G933 Artemis Spectrum is a real winner in terms of sound quality. And with its futuristic design, it’s easily one of the most stylish white gaming headsets we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The headset is made with durable, high-quality plastic. At the same time, the rectangular earcups are fitted with breathable mesh fabric that allows for long hours of intense gaming.

There are in-line controls on the right earcup for customizing RGB lighting effects, power and mute buttons, a volume wheel for adjusting the volume, and three programmable G-keys that let you assign macros and complex game commands.

As for sound performance, the G933 Artemis Spectrum is built with the advanced Pro-GTM audio drivers that deliver superb stereo sound, including Dolby Surround Sound (PC only) and 7.1 DTS Headphone X.

This makes it ideal for playing any game that relies heavily on audio cues and environmental sounds, whether FPS or open-world games.

What’s impressive about this gaming headset is its multi-source audio mixing capabilities. Meaning you can plug in up to three devices (one USB and two analog) simultaneously. With a USB adapter, you can connect it to your PC with the included 3.5mm audio jack or connect wirelessly to your favorite gaming console.

Overall, it’s an impressive gaming headset that looks good from every angle. The high price is justified given its level of comfort and design, customization options, and sound quality.


White gaming headsets are all the rage lately. Ultimately, it’s the Corsair Virtuouso RGB Wireless that emerges as the winner of the best white gaming headset in terms of comfort and design, sound performance, compatibility, and value for money.

Rest assured, though, that all the white gaming headsets listed above are guaranteed to meet your needs and budget. Each has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Still, on top of their aesthetically pleasing white design, they all come packed with extraordinary features that are sure to grant you that immersive gaming experience you’ve always dreamed of.

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