Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair Review

The Nitro Concepts S300 is one of the best values we’ve seen in gaming chairs. It’s actually more comfortable than several of the more expensive gaming chairs on the market. And it’s a full-fabric gaming chair (no leather), which we tend to prefer for skin feel and product longevity reasons. 

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Over the years, the gaming chair industry has drawn a lot of attention and has become a trend for pro gamers and streamers. These gaming chairs were made for one reason: To provide a comfortable and immersive experience while you enjoy your favorite games. Back in the days, cheap office chairs were uncomfortable to sit on for over long periods and they tend to wear and tear quickly. The gaming chair industry has revolutionized gamer comfort. Nitro Concepts is a German company founded in 2015. They made a name for themselves when they introduced top-quality gaming chairs at competitive prices. Their most recent release is the S300, designed by Nitro Concepts’ in-house design team, comprised mostly of gamers. The S300 is a sporty-looking seat with a Class 4 gas lift and styled with all-fabric exterior built especially for gamers.

S300 Gaming Chair Design & Structure

Design and build matter. See how the S300 compares…
Even though the S300 is a mid-range gaming chair, Nitro Concepts has made it clear that it’s a premium product made of quality materials. S300 has a steel frame and is solidly built to safely support up to 297 pounds of pure gamer muscle. With a star-shaped base, it has a rather unique-looking design that’s not usually seen in a high-end gaming chair. The base does its job quite well, is sturdy, and I think it would hold up for the long term. While the chair looks somewhat simple, its vibrant-colored fabric makes it stand out in any room (a small but real consideration, especially for gamers who stream on Twitch, etc.) There are eight colors to choose from (and my personal preference would be orange).  
The Nitro Concepts S300 has a Class 4 gas lift, which basically means it’s a more powerful lift than the ones found in a typical office chair. This makes it easier for you to adjust the gaming chair to a comfortable height. The lift is near-silent, making it a point to appreciate over some other gaming chairs that don’t bother with such a seemingly minor, but much appreciated detail. With its all-fabric upholstery, the S300 has a surprisingly good feel to it. It’s soft and smooth, highly breathable, and won’t catch heat, sweat, and odors. Compare that with leather, which is nice for the first 5 minutes until your butt sweat starts covering the fabric in nasty beads you have to constantly wipe up. The downside to this is that, with a fabric upholstery, it’s somewhat harder to clean. However, this shouldn’t be a major issue if you give it a regular wipe down.

Comfort & Features

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For many gamers, comfort is one of the most important factors to look for in a gaming chair. The S300 meets this criterion, with its 4.5/5 comfort level. The bucket seat is wide enough to give you plenty of room to move around. Cold foams are stuffed into both the bucket seat and the backrest, giving it a firm feel without being inflexible. The cold foam has a great feel to it and maintains a supportive shape, but others might prefer a more cushioned padding. ​The Nitro Concepts S300 features movable 3D armrests made out of polyurethane. The 3D armrest simply means that it can be adjusted in 3 dimensions: by height, backwards/forwards, and sideways. The armrest lacks a bit of padding, although this may not be a big deal for some users.  
The S300 includes an additional headrest with neck support and lumbar pillow strapped to it. Most gaming chairs these days have these features and people either love them or hate them. So far, I’m loving the neck support especially during break times after long hours of gaming. Both the neck support and lumbar pillow are detachable. S300’s backrest design is very interesting, with its raised edges that make you feel as if you’re cocooned on the chair. It can be tilted back up to 135 degrees – good for those who want to lean their chair all the way back. But if there’s one flaw to the backrest, it would be its rocker mechanism. Tensions to the spring are very tight and if you’re not careful, this can launch the backrest unexpectedly, which could be potentially dangerous.

Nitro Concepts S300 Video Review

Unboxing, assembly, and usage…
One of the main things you’ll find with this particular German-built gaming chair is that the assembly is very straightforward. Easy, even. The slight stiffness users report is a necessary part of its being ‘ergonomic’—a designation that requires the meeting of strict criteria.

How Much Does The Nitro Concept S300 Gaming Chair Cost?

Check the S300’s price directly on Amazon
While we’re not allowed to discuss price, you can check and compare the price of the Nitro S300 Gaming Chair directly on Amazon.