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The gaming community is one of those tight knit brotherhoods that make you feel a way that simply can’t be explained to non-gamers. For many of us, gaming is just a fun hobby, or even a way to define ourselves; it’s a way for us to connect with one another over a common interest and make lasting friends. If it weren’t for the generosity of many of the folks who go to the trouble of reviewing gaming headsets, this site wouldn’t exist. Not only that, we’d be in the dark when it comes to picking out a quality gaming headset!

Below I’ve linked to a few notable personalities in this community who have made a big impact and do a really fantastic job. Make sure to pay these guys a visit!


Steggy, aka MLSteggy of Youtube fame, is arguably the best gaming headset reviewer on YouTube. He’s insightful, interesting and thorough. I’ve come to know him mainly through his YouTube Channel but lately I’ve been enjoying his blog tremendously as well. Check him out for sure.

VeryRare Magazine

VeryRare Mag is run by AKATrent (who has done several of the excellent headset video reviews posted on this site) and ArbDMcFly. It’s a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing dope sneakers. While you don’t see AKATrent reviewing headsets as much as he used to (his last review was about 2 years ago), he’s covered many of the most popular gaming headsets that are still in use today, and his reviews have set a very high standard for video breakdowns in the gaming headset space. Make sure to pay these guys a visit.


IpodKingCarter is probably the most charismatic reviewer I’ve come across on Youtube. His channel is huge, with over 220K subscribers(!) He does a lot of gameplay videos and is huge into sports games. His reviews (one of which I just recently used on BGHO) are excellent. They answer most of the questions that come into mind about a product, rather than belabor technical specifications like some reviews. IpodKingCarter’s official website will be (once it’s finished being built; in the meantime it just redirects to his YouTube channel). Check him out, you won’t regre it.


TmarTn is another Youtuber who makes really great review vids. Not only that, but he also has tons of live gameplay videos on his Youtube channel. I featured TmarTn’s Astro A50 review video on my review post because I love the way he presented his review. By the way, this dude is a Youtube powerhouse. His channel has over 1.5 million subscribers(!!) His focus is mostly on gameplay vids but he also does tech comparison videos and review videos. Definitely check him out.


Grizzle is a Youtuber who does a lot of solid gameplay/commentary vids. He hasn’t done tech reviews in a while. I imagine it’s because doing gameplay vids is much more interesting and fun. In either case, Grizzle’s review of the Razer Tiamat 7.1 in our wired gaming headsets roundup was just awesome. I wish he’d do more review vids! Check out Grizzle’s Youtube channel HERE.

Mike B

Mike B shoots very entertaining gameplay/commentary videos on his youtube channel. Mike is the cat responsible for the BFF report, in which (in our case) he reviewed the Turtle Beach Earforce Z6A gaming headset. Mike B is another guy with really great presentation skills and thoroughness who I wish would do more reviews. But I guess there isn’t really a lot of fun factor in doing them (or money for that matter), so we can’t blame him!

Lord Sevein

Lord Sevein does a lot of gameplay vids for more eclectic games like Starbound on his YouTube channel. I used Lord Sevein’s video review of the Logitech G35 here on BGHO because of how incredibly thorough it was. (It was over 15 minutes long!) You can check out Lord Sevein’s personal site HERE.

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