Much of the attention has been focused on PC gaming and gaming consoles, but mobile gaming seems to be ignored. That’s why Turtle Beach trotted out the Turtle Beach Ear Force M5, which is a gaming headset designed for mobile devices. If you like to play on portable game systems and tablets, or even on your smartphone, this can improve your whole gaming experience. It also works for PC and Mac. I hope you enjoy my Turtle Beach M5 review!

Features of the Turtle Beach M5

The Turtle Beach M5 retails for $50, but a lot of sellers are offering it at $30 or so. Some even have it at less than $20. And for that money, here are the features you will get:

  • Compatibility with most mobile gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming devices such as the Sony PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS
  • A lightweight design at just 12 ounces
  • 40mm drivers for hi-fi sound quality
  • Comfortable mesh cushions for both breathability and noise isolation
  • Adjustable headband
  • In-line microphone
  • 1.2m tangle-free cord
  • Rotate to flat earcups for easier packing in a backpack or wearing it around the neck

Pros and Cons

The low price is not the only thing that’s great about the . For example, it’s very light. Add the fact that the headband is adjustable and that the mesh cushions are soft and breathable, and what you have is an extremely comfy headset. The mesh cushions may seem a bit off at first, but eventually it gets worn in and it becomes super comfy. They’re like a new pair of sneakers that way.

It also looks great. This feature is a bit more important when a headset is designed for mobile gadgets, since you’ll probably use it more out in public. And it does look good, and it doesn’t make you look like a nerd.

The controls are ideal as well. The 1.2 meter cable length is just right, either for gaming or if you connect it to your mobile music player in your pocket. When you’re using the headset for gaming or for calls, the cable is also nicely out of the way.  You can even use the inline mic button to control your music. You press it once to pause and play or you skip to the next track when you double click.

The sound is good, and it’s even great as long as you keep the price range in mind. There aren’t many $20 headphones that sound this good. The sound for the most part is quite well-balanced. At the mid volume levels, the treble may be slightly high while the bass may be a bit weak. At higher volume levels the bass may become decent but the highs may suffer from some distortion.

The build quality is acceptable, despite the weight. If you don’t take care of it, then eventually it will get damaged. It’s not exactly robust.

Another small problem with the Turtle Beach Ear Force M5 is that the people around you will have to deal with sound leakage. While the earcups do a pretty good job shutting out the noise from outside, it does have a problem shutting the sound in.

Finally, the inline mic is convenient, but as such it’s a bit limited. There’s no volume control at all.


All in all, the Turtle Beach M5 is a very basic gaming headset, and it does meet all the major requirements adequately. And for its price, it’s an absolute bargain. If you don’t expect much from a headset, then you’re getting a lot more than what you would expect with the M5.