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Learn how gaming sound works

Want to peek behind the curtain and learn about the wonderful science of sound? These informative articles have got you covered 😉

Stereo Sound vs Surround Sound

Ever wonder what the difference is between stereo and surround sound? Learn how these two audio types work and how it impacts your gaming audio experience.

How to Choose a Gaming Headset

Before you drop a couple hundred bucks on an expensive gaming headset, learn what to look for in your hardware. Find out what really matters and what’s marketing hype

Do You Need a Sound Card for Gaming?

What are sound cards? What the heck do they do? Do you need one, and if so, what kind? The answers to all of these sound card questions and more lay inside…

Surround Sound for Gaming

There’s much ado about surround sound. But is it a legit audio “thing” or just a marketing concept invented by headphone companies? Learn the truth and save some bucks with this post.

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We’re a small team of gamer audiophiles.

Vic (left) is a classical musician and RPG nerd. Greggy (right) is a gear head who loves FPS gaming.

Our mission? Help you experience games on a whole new level by understanding gaming sound deeply and selecting the best gaming audio gear for your needs and budget. 🙂 

Product review Categories

Gear can get expensive. Let our team help you make wiser buying decisions around your gaming audio electronics with our reviews and buying guides.

Gaming Headsets

A good gaming headset is probably the primary purchase you’ll make as an audio-lovin’ gamer. Make sure you pick the right one…

Gaming Earbuds

Gaming headsets’ younger brother—you’ll want a good pair of earbuds if you’re moving around a lot or just find headsets annoying…

Gaming Mics

With all the focus on audio input, let’s not forget the importance of audio output! A quality mic ensures your voice roars online…

Gaming Sound Cards

Your gaming sound card is the first hardware bottleneck for the quality of sound you hear. If you’re a PC gamer especially, make sure you study up on sound cards…

Gaming Speakers

A good pair of gaming speakers will blow you and your friends away. A bad pair? It’ll sound like you live above a metro station. Speakers can be expensive so make sure you do your homework!

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs aren’t just for hours and hours of comfy sitting. Many of them also have built in speakers that transmit sound to your body! This is the ultimate audio and experience upgrade…