Are Gaming Headsets Good For Music?

Think again if you’re thinking about using your gaming headset for music. Most gaming headphones have different sound profiles tuned differently to boost the highs and lows to deliver natural and realistic sounds, like gunfire and explosion from video games.

Gaming headsets are not designed for music. Unlike your regular pair of headphones, they don’t accurately recreate the sounds in music because the bass and highs are often overturned.

Since gaming headphones are designed for bassy sound performance, you may find music quality unbearable. Let’s take a deep dive into what constitutes a gaming headset and why it might be unsuitable for music enthusiasts.

Are Gaming Headsets Good For Music?

Gaming enthusiasts look for comfort, convenience, and an immersive gaming experience. Meanwhile, musicians and serious listeners value high-quality sound, comfort, and portability. Regular headphones tend to outclass their gaming counterparts in mastering and mixing sounds.

The truth is gaming headsets are built and designed for gaming, not music. They don’t have a well-balanced sound profile that’s crucial for recording and listening to music. However, gaming headphones with exceptional quality and drivers can be game-changers in deciding whether or not they’ll be suitable for music.

Do Gaming Headphones Have Good Sound Quality?

Do Gaming Headphones Have Good Sound Quality

Gaming headphones are not meant for high-quality audio performance. They produce more bass-heavy and muddied sound, which compromises mid-ranges and more balanced sound profiles in favor of higher decibels and more punchy bass.

On the other hand, regular or studio headphones have a better frequency range and impedance response. They produce realistic sounds and more comprehensive sound profiles, which lends to a well-balanced sound vital for optimum music listening. Most gaming headsets don’t have these features, so there’s no concept of “high-quality” sound.

The general consensus is that regular and studio headphones are much better than gaming headphones when it comes to listening to music.

What’s The Difference Between Gaming And Music Headsets?

When comparing headsets made for gaming and ones made for listening, there will be some significant differences in design for different reasons.


Unlike non-gaming headphones, gaming headsets are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They also have a built-in microphone, which is vital for when you’re chatting in-game with the squad.

Gaming headphones typically have noise-canceling features that allow the user to block out external noise during gameplay. But because of these added features, most gaming headphones have a chunky design, which creates portability issues.

There’s usually no built-in microphone with standard headphones, and their much simpler design makes them portable by nature. This makes regular headsets more versatile and easier to lug around, allowing users to listen to music even when they’re on the move.


Difference Between Gaming And Music Headsets

Gaming headsets are bulkier (and therefore heavier) than your regular headphones. Many gaming headphones have an over-ear style that makes them look and feel bigger than non-gaming headphones. The retractable or movable mic arm also contributes to its overall bulky feeling.

Again, because standard headsets don’t have these size-adding features, they become a more lightweight and portable alternative. However, some manufacturers have created gaming headsets that can be folded and easily stowed away—providing more flexibility for users who need to travel.

Sound Profile

Gaming headset manufacturers are serious about giving users an explosive and highly immersive gaming experience. Because of this, gaming headphones deliver a more bassy audio performance compared to standard or studio headphones. In most cases, gaming headphones’ sound profile is less balanced because it’s sacrificed for a bass profile.

Non-gaming headphones are somewhat different. They typically have advanced drivers that produce a wider (and ultimately better) frequency range. They also reproduce crisp and well-defined sound and have a much wider soundstage.

In return, there’s a wider range of sounds. The sound profile is more balanced than in gaming headphones, with lows, mids, highs, and bass, making listening to music more enjoyable.

As far as the sound profile is concerned, you can count on non-gaming headphones to have better sound quality.

Best Headset For Gaming And Music

Top Pick

Sennheiser’s HD 280 PRO

Considering that standard and studio headphones have higher quality sound performance, you can expect them to cost more than gaming headsets. If you don’t want to spend too much but still want decent headphones for gaming and listening to music, then you can’t go wrong with Sennheiser’s HD 280 PRO.

Packed with 40mm sound drivers, the HD 280 PRO delivers silky-smooth sound with an awe-inspiring frequency response range. It sports a well-balanced sound profile, allowing you to hear every single note in the music you’re playing or the track you’re mixing. And if you’re playing a game, you’ll never miss a single footstep of a nearby opponent in competitive shooters.

This gaming headset has a closed-back, around-the-ear design, with a dynamic stereo that reproduces accurate and linear sounds for some critical monitoring applications. It has high impedance, ensuring its universal compatibility.

The HD 280 PRO has a lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic design. It has a padded headband with thick, adjustable ear pads that are space-saving collapsible—perfect for users who value portability.

The headphones’ frequency response range is within 8Hz and 25kHz, with high noise isolation capabilities that reject external noise.

The HD 280 PRO is perfect for playing FPS games because you can hear every sound. It also comes with great comfort and fit and a balanced sound performance that serious music listeners will surely appreciate.


The jury is out, and the verdict is that gaming headphones are NOT ideal for listening to music. They may be good enough for casual listeners. They won’t have any trouble playing back music, but as a whole, you can’t get a premium music experience from them.

With this in mind, take time to consider the purpose of buying a new pair of headphones, including your personal preferences and budget. If you’re a music enthusiast, you’re better off with standard or studio headphones. If you’re in it for the ultimate gaming experience, consider getting a gaming headset that’ll serve you effectively.

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